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Auto Body Repair


•   Collision Repair (late model as well as vehicles back into the 90's)

•   Panel Replacement (new, used and aftermarket available)

•   Touch-Up Repairs (scratches, chips, mirrors, taillights, headlights and bumper repairs)

•   Repairing and saving vehicles deemed a total loss by the insurance company

•   Making a vehicle road worthy again as our most economical option

•   Sourcing new and used parts from a large network of suppliers and auto wrecking yards

•   As of January 2015 we will no longer be accepting any restoration/complete paint job type repairs due to the amount of time required to complete the job in a timely manner.  Any custom/fabrication job will be charged time + materials.

Auto Refinishing


•   Waterbased Paints

•   Computerized Color Matching

•   Low VOC Products Used

•   Environmentally Friendly

•   Lifetime Warranty - All our repairs are guaranteed against defects for as long as you own your vehicle, Period!  Body, mechanical and electrical parts are based off the manufacturers warranty.

    We work with all insurance companies and are able to help you thru your claim.  We are also available to put together a cost effective customer pay option if you decide not to use your insurance. Stop by the shop or give us a call today!

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